Capsiplex Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications

  • It's complicated to lose weight. Your body accumulates fat from excess fatty acids, sugar or alcohol through your diet. Once digested, these fats are stored as triglycerides in adipose tissue . Adipose tissue is what is called fat, present under the skin and around the digestive organs. When you want to lose weight, it's actually that excess fat that you want to get rid of. Diets and sports are effective methods, however they require a lot of effort and take time to pay off.
  • This process can be accelerated by using a fat burner . We are therefore going to introduce you to Capsiplex.
Capsiplex Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications
Capsiplex Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications

Capsiplex Review 2022 : Effects, Dosage, Composition, Contraindications

  • Thanks to its capsaicin content,  Capsiplex stimulates the metabolism by boosting thermogenesis. The body temperature is higher and accelerates the burning of fat stores.
  • Capsiplex maintains the feeling of satiety, so that you are not tempted to snack constantly between meals. Your main meals will be enough for you.
  • Capsiplex improves your metabolism by allowing it to regulate good and bad cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol prevents access to fat stores and represents a brake on weight loss.

Capsilex: Opinion and test

  • We conducted our research on several forums as well as on the distributor's website.
  • Like most dietary supplements, there are no miracles. Thus, we were able to observe a few people complaining about the lack of effectiveness of the product. However, these people did not lead a healthy lifestyle and practiced little or no sport.
  • Most of the opinions from those who have played the game (correct lifestyle and regular sports activity) note satisfactory results after a 30-day cure. The effects are more and more felt when the treatment is prolonged over time. You have to be patient.

Capsilex: What advantages / beneficial effects?

  • The ingredients contained in Capsiplex are highly qualitative, so here are the resulting effects:
    • Acceleration of metabolism: stimulates thermogenesis . The body increases in temperature, allowing the metabolism to burn more fat. Specifically, the body will burn brown fat stored in fat bodies via lipolysis.
    • Increase in the burning of calories during physical effort: Capsiplex allows you to burn an average of 278 calories more before, during and up to 1 hour after sports effort.
    • Appetite suppressant effect caused by capsaicin.
    • Reduction of bad fat: niacin reduces blood lipid levels. Thus, the level of good cholesterol increases to the detriment of the bad, favoring the vascularization of adipose tissue.
    • This leads to better elimination of stored fat.

Capsilex: What unit price / complete cure?

  • A box of Capsiplex contains 30 capsules, thus offering a cure of 30 days. The initial price set by distributor Bauer Nutrition is €44.95 for a box.

Capsilex: Where to buy to avoid scams?

  • Unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, it is impossible to obtain this product in pharmacies in France. Thus, the best solution to buy this product is to go directly through the Bauer Nutrition site, which owns the Capsiplex brand.
  • There are plenty of other sites that sell this product online, however it is better to be wary of them and favor the site of the person who owns the product.
  • It is possible to have Capsiplex delivered anywhere in the world, generally between 1 and 3 days.

Capsilex: What promotion at the moment?

  • The Bauer Nutrition site offers decreasing prices, but also attractive reductions.
    • A box that is initially sold at €44.95 costs €34.95 temporarily. This corresponds to a cure of 1 month .
    • If you buy 2 boxes, you will receive one more for free. Thus, for 69.90€, you grant yourself a 3-month treatment which should have cost 104.85€ .
    • If you buy 3 boxes, you will receive double. A cure of 6 months thus costs you twice less ( 104.85€ instead of 209.70€ ). 

Capsilex: What side effects?

  • If you respect the dosage, and you are not allergic to any of the substances contained in this capsule, Capsiplex will not present any side effects.
  • The contraindications prohibit the use of this dietary supplement by children under 18, women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, people with cardiovascular disorders, and those already taking another dietary supplement. In the latter case, it will be necessary to find out about the compatibility of the two.
  • We remind you once again that you have to respect the dosage. It is also recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the cure.

Capsilex: What dosage / dosage?

  • You should take one capsule a day. The time you take it will depend on whether you are going to practice a sports activity during the day or not.
  • If you train, take one capsule of Capsiplex between 30min and 1 hour before you start, to take full advantage of the thermogenesis effect.
  • Alternatively, take one capsule in the morning, before your breakfast. Capsiplex acts throughout the day. Be careful, even if you forget, you should not take a capsule from the afternoon. The caffeine content could cause insomnia depending on your sensitivity.

Capsilex: Ingredients and composition?

  • Capsiplex is a natural product composed mainly of these 4 ingredients:
    • Capsicum (80 mg per capsule): this is the main active ingredient of capsiplex. Capsicum is a chilli extract, containing capsaicin, responsible for the taste of the latter, intervening in the metabolism by burning the fats stored in the body.
    • Caffeine (138 mg per capsule): present for these stimulating properties. Increases resting energy expenditure and fat oxidation.
    • Piperine (5 mg per capsule): lowers the level of glucose and cholesterol in bran and allows the use of fat stored in the body as energy.
    • Niacin (16 mg per capsule): vitamin B3. Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  • Bauer Nutrition provides an effective product with Capsiplex. This food supplement, which has the advantage of being composed only of products of natural origin, allows a reduction of bad fats stored in the lipid bodies, thus leading to relevant and lasting weight loss. Capsiplex allows you to accompany you in this process while facilitating it. However, it still takes effort.
  • For a weight loss of 8 to 10 kg, a cure of 2 to 3 months is sufficient. If this number is lower, a cure of 1 month will be sufficient. If this number is higher (between 12 and 15 kg), it is advisable to do 2 cures of 3 months spaced by 1 month of rest.


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